Cesspool Maintenance is an Absolute Must!

Every day, we receive phone calls from homeowners who have discovered that there is an issue with their cesspool. From pooling water in the yard to sewage backup in the home, when people spot signs of a cesspool problem, they call us in a state of panic. Of course, we head out to repair the problem, but we often find that these problems could have been completely avoided had homeowners taken the time to have their cesspools maintained. Having a cesspool emergency is not an easy thing to deal with.

How a Cesspool Works

A cesspool collects wastewater from the home. It is essentially a large, watertight container made of concrete blocks, precast concrete or reinforced fiberglass that is buried under the ground near the home.

As the wastewater collects in the cesspool, it is separated; the solid, heavier waste in the water settles to the bottom of the tank, where it becomes sludge. Lighter waste materials float to the top of the tank and turns into scum. In between the two layers sits the remaining wastewater, which exits the cesspool via the porous materials that it is made of, and is absorbed into the soil around the tank. Sitting water, such as this, is a big part of what destroys roofs and causes leaks. Check out Electrical Contractors Suffolk County NY for all your electrical needs.

Why Cesspool Maintenance is Important

Eventually, the top layer of scum and the bottom layer of sludge thicken and join together with the wastewater in the middle of the cesspool. When this happens, the scum and sludge exit the cesspool and are absorbed into the soil. When this happens, the drain field becomes clogged companyx to get rid of that junk. If you want to increase the value of your house, consider Sunroom Contractor Nassau County for exceptional work, and fast installation. It takes a long time for this to occur and the signs that it has happened are not evident until a backup occurs. By this point, extensive damage has usually been done and cesspool pumping sag harbor will not correct it, which means that the cesspool may have to be replaced with a new one.

Had the cesspool been maintained prior to reaching this point, major issues – including backup and the potential need to replace the cesspool – could have been avoided and you wouldn’t need long island cesspool pumping.

During maintenance, the sludge and scum that has collected in the cesspool is cleaned out. This is important because it prevents the layers from thickening to the point where they join together and exit the cesspool, which prevents clogging and backups.

In addition to cleaning out solid waste, during routine maintenance, a technician will inspect the tank, checking for any issues and signs of damage. If issues or damage are found, they can be repaired. Tree Company, Long Island is the best place for you if your in need of a tree removed. In other words, routine maintenance can help you avoid a major problem down the road, including failures, backups, and the possible need to have your cesspool replaced.

What Else Happens During Cesspool Maintenance?

During cesspool installation, a technician will check for several things that could impact the tank, including:

  • Tree Roots: Tree roots are a major problem for cesspools. As they grow, they can infiltrate various elements of the tank, including the access lid, the seams and the baffles (the component of the tank that direct the flow of wastewater to the bottom of the tank and prevents it from flowing directly out into the drain field and into your home.
  • Condition of the Baffles: A technician will check to make sure that the baffles are present and properly functioning. You should call Cesspool Service Nassau County for any cesspool issues that arise. If they aren’t working properly, the cesspool will malfunction and you will be looking at serious problems.
  • The Level of the Liquid: The liquid in the tank should not be above the outlet pipe. If it is higher than the pipe, the wastewater is slowly exiting into the drain field, if at all.
  • Leaks: A technician will also check for any leaks.

Cesspool Service Long Island

Cesspool maintenance is vital to ensure that the system is operating properly, and to prevent serious issues from occurring, including failure, backups and the potential need for a complete replacement. If you don’t remember the last time your cesspool was serviced, don’t delay and call us today! Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your tank, clean it and help prevent costly damage. Don’t wait until your cesspool is overflowing to call us because by then, you will already be in a serious situation. A cesspool installation long island can be exactly what you need.